In regards to fraud worries in NJ

Yes, New Jersey is corrupt.  Yes, the ACORN/SEIU/NEA and other big union thugs will do everything to prevent Corzine’s ship from going down.  However, Corzine needs to be in essence within 1.5 points of Christie at the most to pull this thing off via fraud.  1% is a large amount of votes in NJ (15-25,000) when you think about it.  If polls like Rasmussen, Survey USA, and PPP(D) all show Christie with 3+point leads with Monmouth, Democracy Corps, and Quinnipiac using disproportionate weights, this reeks of desperation trying to prop up Corzine.  For example, D+15 advantage in Democracy Corps, Christie only up 10 among independents in Monmouth and Democracy Corps, Quinnipiac last week using an absurd +27 Dem weight and then revising it back to 15 or 11 or whatever they said, and Monmouth having a large amount of “undecided” voters in their polling. 

I’m sure there are going to be plenty of operatives from both sides keeping an eye on this tomorrow but if these polls are indicating these kind of numbers for Corzine, Corzine is looking to lose soundly.  The large momentum Christie has right now will not be determined as far as its size until tomorrow when voters give their verdict.  If I am in Corzine’s campaign, I would feel completely helpless right now.  Democrat voters are not enthused about Corzine and as they see these numbers going toward Christie big, they will probably vote for Daggett or just stay home.  When you’re hard pressed to get your base to turn out for you and the other side is completely energized and in the lead, demoralization sets in.  The realization of impending defeat demotivates that campaign, their voter base and with that the curtain falls.

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