Northern Virginia going RED???!?!

Per Jim Geraghty over at the Campaign Spot:

These Two Rumors Can’t Possibly Be True, Can They?

I’m passing these two observations from liberal Virginia bloggers on to readers, but they’re so out of line with expectations, I have a hard time buying them.

First, from Not Larry Sabato, about the Virginia delegate races: “SIX SEATS ARE GONE- ANOTHER NINE ARE IN PLAY FOR GOP PICKUP.” Yesterday I predicted a GOP gain of six seats; I think most Virginia Republicans saw picking up 11 as their best-case scenario.

Then, from Blue Virginia: “I’m a bit skeptical of this, so take it with as big a grain of salt as you’d like, but it’s from an excellent source. They got exit poll results from a precinct in Arlington that went 60%+ for Kaine in ’05. With around 250 voters sampled over a 5-hour period this morning, McDonnell is up 22 points on Creigh Deeds. WTF? I mean, if that’s even CLOSE to being true, it’s horrible. Also, even if it gets better through the day, we’re talking about possible margins in Arlington of less than 60% possible for Deeds. For comparison purposes, Tim Kaine got 74% of the vote in Arlington in 2005.”

Are these two trying to motivate lethargic Democrats? Or is there really evidence of a building Republican wave in northern Virginia?

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