The Thornvultures

I am reminded of the 1982 mini-series “The Thornbirds” starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward.  “The thornbird at the end of its life impales itself upon a thorn.  However, in it’s pain it sings the most beautiful song and the world stops to listen.”

Fast forward to 2009.  Another breed has come to fruition.  It is the thornvulture.  It is a foul, horribly corrupt bird that sucks the life, liberty, prosperity,  and happiness from a nation and will do everything in its self-righteous power, even impaling itself upon the thorn of the will of the people to succeed in systematically destroying a free nation.  And when it does, there isn’t the sound of a beautiful song.  It is a screeching, squawking ballad that causes nearby free American citizens to cringe. 

“My gosh!!!  What is that sound??  Put that creature out of their misery!”  One says.

“It is.  It has gone against the will of the people and are now dying a righteous death because the old bird tried to slay liberty.” His friend replies while trying to comfort his frightened, crying child.

“Good riddance!!  I hope I never hear something like that again but I will have nightmares of hearing that while I sleep now.”

And so it has come to pass that tonight 58 Democratic Senators and two independent senators have voted to debate that it is in the nation’s best interest to cede more individual freedom to a pure, serving, uncorrupt government that will fix everything.  Some thornvultures in the Bird House already have the people’s thorn poised to pierce their political career’s heart.  Unfortunately, there are some that are immune to the thorn because the people they live with will not pierce them.  Those people are agreeable to eventually having all of their individual liberty taken away.  They cannot be helped because it is too late. 

In the last month, I cannot remember in my lifetime when I have seen so many individuals descend into insanity and be willing to kill their political careers so they can kill a free nation.  The Democratic Party is being destroyed by Barack Obama.  The 2010 elections are going to be catastrophic for the Democratic Party now.  The harder they push against the will of the majority of Americans, the worse the loss in 2010 is going to be.  Joseph Lieberman and Blanche Lincoln (I say this with a grain of salt) are now saying they will not support a public option though they voted for cloture to allow debate to proceed.  Two things that look to be monumental hurdles for any legislation to pass.  The public option and abortion funding.  These are non-negotiable to the liberal caucus.  If some bill does come out of the Senate, it will likely not have a public option or have abortion funding (Ben Nelson).  The liberal caucus in the House will try to get the public option and abortion funding back in conference but then that bill would get filabustered effectively when it went back to the Senate (yes, bills out of conference can be filabustered) unless Lincoln, Nelson, and Bayh have a death wish.  Landrieu?  She is a sell out politician, nothing more. She will only vote for the filabuster if any of the other three do.  If a public option is in the final bill, Lieberman will support the GOP filabuster.  If abortion funding is in the final bill, Nelson and possibly Lincoln will support the GOP filabuster.  In all reality, the abortion issue is what would kill Obamacare.

If something does make it to President Obama’s desk for a signature it will probably get very, very ugly and a very scary time for our country.  I probably would expect a legal challenge brought immediately somewhere in a conservative federal district and an injunction sought to prevent the government from taxing the people until the Supreme Court hears on a likely landmark constitutional case.  Plenty of lawyers will be itching to argue a case that will define the direction and survival of our country.  If the case is lost, two possible things.  The GOP regains power in 2010 in the Congress and wins the 2012 presidency.  At that time whether the GOP has or doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate, they could go the route of reconciliation and systematically defang the health care legislation.  The other is more doomsday.  National strikes and the 2nd amendment may come to life.  Sensationalism?  Far from it!  The people are clearly fed up with the government and what both political parties, Democrat and Republican have done over this past decade in growing it. 

Time to send all thornvultures to feed on their own carcass and get some politicians in who won’t have their convictions bought and are for limiting and shrinking the government.

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