(Update #2) Mike Pence to challenge Evan Bayh for Senate?

There has been some talk of this for some time.  Check out this Politico article from December.  Bill Kristol floated this possibility and I think it is one that should be entertained.  Pence or Mitch Daniels announcing would likely have Bayh go the way of Byron Dorgan.  Now Pence is quite high on the House leadership ladder and this would seem to push this into the unlikely realm.  However, after tonight’s results in Massachusetts, there would never be a better time for the GOP to field top tier candidates to take on entrenched red state Dems like Bayh on.  Pence should seriously consider a run now. 

A very interesting political whirlwind is shaping up from now until November.

UPDATE:  (H/T) Hedgehog Report  — NBC’s Chuck Todd is tweeting that the GOP is recruiting Pence to challenge Bayh.  Pence is pondering it. 

Update #2 — This must be getting serious.  Politico is running with this on their Morningscore this morning. 

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