Incumbent Democrats resort to faking it toward the middle with humility to save their jobs.

DO NOT LET THESE TWO-FACERS GET AWAY WITH THIS.  Each GOP challenger should remind the voters how these Democrats voted for a bill to socialize our health care industry, cap and trade, porkulus, etc.

Democrats pray on people’s short memories.  They will take one position only to take another.  Barack Obama is notorious for this as well as other congressmen.  Jim Webb was the first by throwing out a CYA on Scott Brown’s election night win by saying that the Democrats shouldn’t act until Brown is sworn in.  The delaying of Brown’s swearing in would have made things even uglier for the Democrats.  Consider what Evan Bayh has said, Mary Landrieu, Kent Conrad, etc.  The vote for cloture told us where all the Democratic senators stood.  Their voting records should be pounded upon when they come up for re-election in 2010, 2012, and 2014. 

In regards to the House, it is amazing the statements that have come out of there from Barney Frank of all people.  You better believe he is frightened right now because only his district predominantly went for Coakley.  Liberals in typically safe blue districts are not going to be safe anymore either.  Red or purple districts?  The GOP has a huge edge on these going into the mid-terms in November.  Well over 100 seats are in play for the GOP in the House.  THE NRCC and NRSC should be recruiting top-notch candidates after what happened on Tuesday night and it looks like that is already starting to happen. 

We the people and the Republican party cannot forget the sheer arrogance, backroom bribery, and precedent-breaking of a liberal Democratic congress that came within a hair’s width of ensuring our country’s financial destruction.  Always remember, a Democrat is a Democrat and in the end will always vote as a Democrat.  They only vote conservative when a bill’s success or failure is already well known and in hand.  Right Judas Ben Nelson? 

In summary, the good thing that came of all of this is that the Democratic party revealed what they truly are and intend to do to this country since the inauguration of Barack Obama last year.  They want to turn us into some European socialist style country and every country that has gone down that path has come out worse.  The mask is off.  Send these people packing.

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