Harry Reid turns into George Mitchell?

H/T Hot Air

The GOP has threatened to shut down the Senate with infinite amendments.  Now Harry Reid is saying that health care is no longer being worked on.  Most Dem leaders are saying that they want to have a cooling off period apparently.  However, I can’t help to think that this almost mirrors what George Mitchell said and did when Hillarycare died and was put to rest.  The Dems need their far left base to limit the scope of the monstrous losses they are looking at in 2010.   Therefore, they are not going to admit defeat publically this time.  The problem is that as time goes on, it will dawn on the Kossacks that the ship has sailed.  Who knows?  Maybe they vainly hope that if it falls out of the public eye for awhile, they will be able to bring it up again.  I’m sure that will go over real well with the angry public.

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