Boehner and McConnell’s “Start Over” non-noegotiable kill shot

As you are probably aware, yesterday during the Super Bowl pre-game, President Obama is wanting televised bi-partisan meetings on Obamacare.  Of course, he and the Democrats are resorting now to last measure desperate political traps and stunts to stave off the inevitable which is the death to President Obama’s signature issue.  Such desperation takes ship in things like doing a 60 Minute interview with Katie Couric during the Super Bowl pre-game for example.  Now Mitch McConnell’s strategy of getting fraud moderates such as Judas Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Evan Bayh, etc. very luckily proved to work given the completely unexpected victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts a few weeks back.  There is no doubt that the Democrats were going to ram this legislation down America’s throat regardless of what the public thought about it. 

I am heartened by Boehner and McConnell’s response to this.  Apparently, there won’t be any televised meetings for the time being because the GOP leadership is insisting on starting health care all over before any type of meetings take place.  Of course, this will kill any possibilities of Obamacare getting done before the mid-term elections.   The Obama administration of course is saying no to starting over.  They will cry and scream about the GOP’s position.  The problem is that a huge majority of Americans (close to 70% in the latest CNN poll to give you an idea) want Congress to start over on healthcare.  All the GOP has to do is sit back and smile. 

The result of this is that the far left is beginning to jump ship on Obama because they are seeing that no healthcare bill is going to get done.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid desperately need them for the mid-term elections to limit a catastrophic loss of power in Congress in November.  Camera photo-ups only can stave off the reality of the real picture so long. 

Well done John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, you lucky dogs :)

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