The MSM starts to try to goad the GOP into Obama’s summit trap

Based on this article from Time that was broadcast from Yahoo, it looks as if the MSM is starting to do its part to pull Obama out of the dumps by scoring a big healthcare legislation victory.  Their line of attack is using an ABC News/Washington Compost poll that shows Barack Obama’s approval rating at over 50% (snark) and that 56% of independents think that the GOP is not doing enough to work with Obama.  Of course the poll is a joke when you cross-compare it with Rasmussen, Gallup, Quinnipiac, CNN and such.  The only polling I really trust is Rasmussen but the other pollsters need to be reputable as well.

One lesson out of this is no matter how far down these liberals may fall, they are always scheming to get the upper hand and why we must always be on our toes and vigilant.  Almost 70% of Americans in the latest CNN poll want Congress to start over on health care.  Other polls have confirmed that a majority of Americans want this as well. 

The GOP doesn’t have to go to this summit.  Americans are solidly behind their positions.  There is no reason for “bipartisanship.”  Sarah Palin nailed it when she said that bipartisanship simply means Republicans caving to Democratic positions.  It’s a fool’s term in the political sense.  Democrats whine about it when legislation that is so important to their destructive cause gets stonewalled.  Just sit back, smile, and watch Obama and Dem congressmen lose it.  Let them make the claim that the GOP is the party of “no”, obstructionist, partisan, etc., in regards to health care.  Americans will not see the GOP in a negative light because they don’t want health care changed either.  

Obama has broken all his promises, most notably transparency in the legislative process which he didn’t just break that promise, he did it with flipping the GOP and the American people the bird as well.  Now he needs the GOP and the American people to help pass Obamacare and get his crown jewel.  Personally, I hope the GOP doesn’t show up unless Obama and the House Dems agree to start over on health care legislation.  Sure, give them a second chance to be open and transparent, to be part of the discussions and aid in writing the legislation by starting over.  Of course, that won’t happen because it is too late.  No politician wants to vote on something big like this without political cover from the other side in an election year.  They are focused on getting re-elected.  Also, there is just not enough time on the legislative calender to get something done.  The window has closed.

Hence, this really is a hail-mary by Obama.  This is the only way to get health care done and that’s by tricking the GOP somehow to help him pass his signature issue.  This means either passing the Senate bill in the House or the bill going to conference and passing both houses, particularly getting through another cloture vote in the Senate where the Democrats no longer have 60 votes.  Good luck with that Mr. President. 

In the end where we are now at, there will be talk.  Obama may get his “bipartisan” summit but will any healthcare legislation get passed?  No.  All there will be is talk but that is it.  Will some sections of the current bill get passed via reconciliation?  No.  The GOP will tie up the Senate in knots until the November elections with endless amendments, parliamentary procedure and such as well as force the Democrats to take votes they don’t want to take.  This whole thing is a charade by Obama to try to rally, embitter, and anger the Democratic base in showing up for the November mid-terms.  He as well as the DNC knows that the Democrats are going to get slaughtered in November.  They have to try to minimize the catastrophe as much as possible.  If their base doesn’t show up, the losses they receive in November will make 1994 seem tame to a degree.

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