Whoa. Obama summit a public distraction “legislative trick” to pass Obamacare via reconciliation says…an aide to Nancy Pelosi.

That certainly seems to be the case with this Washington Times article.  Seems like an aide of Nancy Pelosi is admitting to this strategy.   Personally, I hope beyond all else that the Dems go the reconciliation route.  The GOP will be able to tie up the Senate right up to the November elections with endless amendments, parliamentary procedure and would swiss cheese the bill so bad that it would be just a scrambled mess.  Also, it will infuriate the American people beyond anything this country may have ever seen.  Politicians trying to hoodwink the American people through subterfuge.  This is just brilliant and it reeks of transparency (sarc). 

The plan is for the House to pass the Senate bill with some fixes and then for the House and Senate to pass certain parts of the bill through reconciliation.  Now the problem with this apparently that I see is reconciliation can only be used for budgetary matters.  Another thing, how can the House make changes after they have voted on the Senate Bill already?  Maybe Dan Perrin can enlighten me :)  Keep the calls up to your congressional leaders.  I am very curious what John Boehner and Eric Cantor might have to say in light of this new information.  Some have thought the possibility floated by Boehner and Cantor of not attending the bipartisan joke summit was a bluff.  This just shows you that Obama and the Democratic Congress are not going to deal in good faith at all.

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