Democrat Waterloo and going to war. Harry Reid supporting reconciliation for public option.

Harry Reid just made my day.

In a not so surprising development, Harry Reid has decided to damn the consequences by going ahead and pushing for the public option through reconciliation.  It looks like Obamacare is going to die with some major fireworks.  Rather than admitting defeat and moving on to the most important issue which is jobs, Obama/Pelosi/Reid have decided to go the cramdown route regardless of what the American people think.   They probably realize that this is their best chance and it will be at least one, maybe two more generations before this comes up again. 

This still could all be a bluff and I believe it still is to draw the GOP to the table.  Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to pass the Senate bill in the House and any type of “fix” legislation that gets drawn up will likely have a very hard time passing the House anyway since Pelosi is down two votes and will be down three with Abercrombie of Hawaii vacating his seat for his campaign to win the governorship.   Hard to gauge the White House right now but it looks like a big, juicy bluff on their part too. 

Personally, I am praying that something makes it to the Senate and we have all out war, broadcast on C-Span, Fox News, etc., where the American people can watch the Democratic cramdown attempt and watch it get parried by endless amend-o-rama by the GOP.  This fight would go on for months likely up to the November elections.  Try being a Democratic incumbent up for re-election and having to explain this while he/she is looking down the gun barrell of the people.  Try being a Democratic congressmen up in 2012 who will have to explain their votes/actions in regards to the Obamacare battle of Waterloo.   The long-term consequences of the Democrats’ actions would be the equivalent of being the landscape that has been incinerated by a nuclear bomb. 

Whatever comes to the Senate is going to get hacked to shreds by amendments by the GOP, points of order and procedural readings where Joe Biden is likely to try to intercede by overruling the parliamentarian.  Biden can try to stop the points of order and procedural delay, but he cannot stop the amendments.  The amendments are likely to be hundreds, maybe at times thousands of pages each.   I am sure the GOP senators and their aides have been writing up all of this for weeks.  

I love fights like this.  Get your popcorn ready.  I will be so disappointed if there isn’t a fight and all these shenanigans by the Democrats are really a bluff.

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