The Amend-o-rama marathon strategy

H/T  The Foundry blog at the Heritage Foundation

Updating on my last post, this is why all this bluster from the Democrats about reconciliation is to appease their base.  This doesn’t have a chance of surviving the Senate.  The Democrats cannot stop the GOP from offering up infinite amendments to the Obamacare cramdown preventing a final vote on the overall bill.  I quote the last paragraph in the link:

But there is hope for conservatives.  The aforementioned Hill article quotes former Senate Parliamentarian Bob Dove on a recent Galen Institute conference call where Dove argued that health care reform and reconciliation are a bad mix. Dove explained that the reconciliation “process is not designed to do a lot of policy making and it would be very difficult to achieve a number of things that people want to achieve” in the health care reform legislation.  He points out that the reconciliation process does not limit amendments, leaving an opportunity for conservatives to delay passage by offering slews of amendments.  So, while the majority party may be able to control what language is allowed in the bill or amendments, the minority may still have a chance to delay passage with a strategic amendment strategy.

Yes Joe Biden, that’s right.  Not even you can prevent this.  GOP aides have been saying this forever and the GOP Senators will defend this way until November.   Total Senate shutdown.  No jobs bill, no other bills on the legislative calendar would come to any votes.  Democrats in Congress will watch their approval numbers crash as the public catches wind that they are trying to shove this through against their will.  Watching the White House and the kook congressmen collective heads explode over this will be fun to see.

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