Obama/Pelosi/Reid reconciliation delusion and posturing is starting to go beyond ridiculous levels

H/T Hot Air

President Obama is really sounding bi-partisan about the meeting with GOP leaders coming up.  He sounds so bi-partisan, he is threatening using the reconciliation card to make the GOP cave to the Democratic Party, but not the people’s, will.   

Now I am having a hard time understanding Harry Reid.  He thinks they’ll be able to get the reconciliation process through with creating a relatively smaller bill to make some fixes to the first Senate bill that already passed through.  He says it will take 60 days to do this.  Huh???  Someone is going to have point out the realism in Reid’s remarks because that sounds like plain insanity.

I see this going two ways:  Whether or not the GOP goes to the meeting, nothing is going to come of it.  Each side will dig in and then the ball will be in the Democrats’ court if they want to go the reconciliation route or not.   The first way is Obama and the Democrats will drop their healthcare push and focus on jobs.  The second way is that the Democrats do go through with it.  This will be a media nightmare for the Democrats.  Once the people catch wind of what they are up to, it’s going to get very ugly.  Pelosi needs to get Democratic congressmen in the House to pass the Senate bill which she is well short of the votes right now.  She will already have problems with Abercrombie and Murtha absent from the House and Cao isn’t going to vote yea.  She’s already minus three.  Then the Stupak coalition and the provisions for federal funding of abortion in the Senate Bill.  Then the House Progressives upset about no public option, the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker kickback, and questions regarding Cadillac taxes on union health plans.  To top it all off,  you have congressmen trying to get re-elected this November and got a starkly chilling wind from the public regarding the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia.  This was topped off by a GOP Senate candidate winning in all places Massachusetts.  If Pelosi can overcome and whip around 100 Democratic congressmen to commit suicide, then it will go to the Senate.

I have been saying this for my past few posts.  The GOP will tie up the Senate with endless amendments and there is nothing the Democrats can do to stop it.  This alone will take MONTHS and as this drags further deeper toward November in the election cycle, MMM MMM MMM.  I found it hilarious that the Democrats think they can get a bill passed and to Obama’s desk by Easter.  Besides the amendments, there are the points of order, particularly the Byrd Rule, that Biden will likely have to overrule the parliamentarian.   This battle royale will play out before the public and the Dems will undoubtedly suffer enormously.  If they want to go ahead and do this, it would be a dream come true for me.  I really hope they do it.  I guess we will see.

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