Clueless? Mitch McConnell could be trying to get lucky again

Apparently Mitch McConnell says that he and his members in the Senate will attend the so called bi-partisan summit this Thursday.  It seems like he is heeding Newt Gingrich’s standpoint given in his CPAC address.  Gingrich is of the position that the GOP should put pressure on Obama but work with Democrats as well.  He quotes Reagan’s “Trust, but verify” approach.

Newt, how many times do you have to trust but never get any verification before you see the light?  Obama/Pelosi/Reid have all but burned that trust many times over.  They don’t have any intention of dealing in good faith.  Might I remind everyone that the GOP has summited their legislation both in the House and Senate but had their legislation pretty much thrown back in their faces.  No consultation, no working together, nothing.  Why?  Well, the Democrats didn’t need them so the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership and arrogantly decided to leave the GOP out of the entire process.  After all, they had their 60 votes in the Senate and a huge majority in the House.  Things turned when the American people woke up and the tide turned against Obama and the Democrats.   With electoral results in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts sending a very clear signal that the public doesn’t want or care for the socialist invasion of health care.  Once the Democrats lost their filabuster proof majority in the Senate, they realized that without GOP support, the death of health care takeover was certain.  McConnell wound up looking brilliant with Democratic Senators going on the record with their votes on health care but he was very lucky.  He has Scott Brown to thank for that.  What he should have done is demanded those bills and amendments all be read on the Senate floor.  He did make the right call in objecting to the conferees but he might be losing the thread here again. 

Now we have seen President Obama turn into the Trojan Horse.  Now he wants bi-partisanship, transparency, etc., but only on his terms because he doesn’t want to lose his health care takeover ambition.  Somehow he has to get this ship turned around so he has invited the GOP into an obvious trap in the hopes that the confrontation will improve his standing in the public’s eyes again.  He is not going to be getting his State of the Union polling gooses anytime soon.  Losing is not an option.  His ego just couldn’t take it.  It would just be awful for him and that cannot happen.  After all, he is the one.  He wants his baby regardless of how many Democratic congressmen careers are destroyed.  Because Boehner and Cantor have taken a very strong position indicating that whether or not GOP House members will still attend, Obama is floating the reconciliation gun which really is full of blank cartridges.  He is hoping though that the GOP thinks they are live rounds. 

The GOP should take note that certain “leaders” in their party wanted to create the perception with the people that they got things done.  The problem was, the things that they did get done violated the very values and principles that made the GOP what it was under Reagan.  The result was massive losses in 2006 and 2008.  Yeah Newt, getting things done with compromise really worked well then.  This is not the time to be afraid of perception “shadows” such as being painted the party of no, obstructions, etc.  If the other side doesn’t intend to deal in good faith with you (and it is quite obvious that they don’t intend to), you don’t engage with them.  Evidence of good faith would be to tear up the House and Senate bills and start over.  Anything less and you walk away from the table.  Let the Democrats go ahead with reconciliation and if Pelosi succeeds in getting the House to approve the Senate bill with some fixes, shut down the Senate with amendments.  The voters will take care of the rest while you stand on your ground until November.  People appreciate courage and principled conviction.  That is the character of leaders and we expect that from you Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, and Mr. McConnell.

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