Jenga!! Conrad says reconciliation can’t be used for Obamacare

Via Hot Air

Conrad lays it out perfectly.  Reconciliation can only be used for budgetary items.  All of the other portions such as the delivery systems and reform language would get killed by the Byrd Rule.  The money would have no where to go.  Hypothetically (I use this term because I believe the GOP will delay this thing until the mid-terms by having unlimited amendments read on the Senate floor) if by some miracle this swiss-cheesed result of a bill could make it through the Senate , the budgetary items would likely be not funded by the GOP committee chair of the House Ways and Means committee when the 2011 budget came up. Nancy Pelosi seemed to be suffering from delusions of grandeur this morning in saying that she thinks Democrats can come together and pass something. 

Madame Speaker, this is the highest form of wishful thinking.  The bill even if was passed in the House would die in the Senate and you would have succeeded in hanging another healthcare vote millstone around the necks of your fellow Democratic congressmen.  Conventional wisdom nowadays indicates that your days as speaker are numbered.

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