Confirmed: With Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. It doesn’t matter what the American people tell them. They want their Healthcare trophy!

I have had an inkling this might be the case with the entire Obamacare issue.  Parker Griffith, a Democratic House Congressmen turned GOP from Alabama states flatly that Pelosi, Reid, or Obama don’t care about losing their majorities or leadership posts.  They simply want something that has eluded the liberal/progressive movement like the road runner.  A government takeover of health care and entrenching socialism in this country.  Could Obama’s statement about being a successful one-term president anymore clearer now to every one?  

John Kyl stated today  that he expects a final vote on healthcare prior to Easter.  Huh?  This is logistically impossible unless the GOP doesn’t put up a fight in the Senate when the Democrats attempt reconciliation if Pelosi can get the House members to pass the Senate bill.  What about stalling with the amendments and swiss-cheesing the Obamacare bill with points of order citing the Byrd rule?  Is the GOP is still afraid of public perception shadows?  I will be one angry camper if the GOP doesn’t drag this thing out until November.  They can do this.  Lamar Alexander made a statement too and I didn’t like it.  He states that the GOP will campaign in November on repealing Obamacare.  How about just stalling the bill and killing it when the next Congress is sworn in??    

The reason for the Easter push is simple.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid don’t want their congressmen going home before their constituents during recess and get chewed out far worse than what we saw during last August’s congressional recess.  They fear that the Congressmen will come back and be more emboldened to vote no.  They are counting on  that with passing Obamacare in the House by the 19th, they will do a one week (!!) reconciliation bill fix thinking that the GOP will not file unlimited amendments gumming up the works because the GOP Senators will want to go home for their Easter holiday.  Talk about some gutter politics.    My hope is that the GOP Senators will have no qualms about forgoing their Easter holiday to save our country.  Make sure you melt the phones of your congressmen and Senators from now until Easter.

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