Things coming to a head with Democrats going off a cliff?

Via the Hill

This guy would make one sexy presidential candidate.  Read some of the comments by liberals at the bottom of the article.  They go into an angry tizzy.  Bank on the congressional Democrats doing the same. 

Also, more of this please.  Per NRO and ABC News, Michael Acuri (D-NY) is inclined to switch his previous yes vote on the House bill to a no vote this time around citing that the House should pass healthcare via a piecemeal process. 

Okay, so we have Thune telling the Democrats to bring on reconciliation, angry union leaders who are very upset at Obama voicing support for the Rhode Island teacher firings, card check legislation, and having their Cadillac plans taxed, Democrats nervous about Charlie Rangel’s ethics charges and Rangel thumbing his nose at Pelosi vowing to keep his gavel as chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, one Democratic congressmen swtich from a yes vote on healthcare last time to voting no this time around with potentially many more to come.  Democrats have already lost one pillar (seniors) of their voting bloc, are jeopardizing another voting bloc (unions), and have in essence completely lost independents.   Combine this with a fired up GOP base and this spells exile for the Democrats when the mid-terms come around.  Talk about a downward death spiral.

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