Seniors, unions, and ultimately the taxpayers get screwed with this Senate bill.

The reason for this diary entry is to illustrate the point that compromise doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome.  Democrats look to lose two pillars of their voting bloc here along with scores of congressmen at the federal and state levels with passing this legislation for one man’s ambition.   Sure, deals can be made with union leaders to try to put off the tax on Cadillac plans from going into effect until a later time via reconciliation.   However, do you really think it will be possible to implement these changes by the midterms?  What is going to happen when the GOP makes big gains in the Senate after the midterms?  How will union leaders explain this to the workforce?   Seniors?  This legislation basically says the heck with them because eventually they will die off anyway and we’ll help them with federal panels to make the transistion easy for them. 

The people, the taxpayers, get the ultimate shaft with this bill.  This bill creates a financial abyss in which there is no recovery.  We have all seen the catastrophic financial effect this is going to have on the health care industry and the country in general.  The goal of this?  So one man can acheive something that everyone thought was impossible so he can have his glory.  The cost of this of course is the destruction of the country. 

I am starting to believe that the conventional wisdom that the Democrats are relying on that passing nothing would be disaster (hearkening to 1994) is incorrect.  I believe that passing this bill will be even a greater disaster for them with the coming midterms and elections beyond that.  Once seniors get their benefits slashed by a significant margin, once union members start seeing the tax effects on their tax statements, once the people start to feel the crushing weight of the consequences of this bill, the results of this are incalcuable disaster for the Democrats. 

To think in hypothetical terms, they stand to lose permanently one voting bloc in the seniors, the unions will likely cease to be a voting bloc for Democrats and unions will lose power even further because members will not be able to trust their leadership.  To add on top of that, the Democratic party to independents would be as foul as….well you get the picture.  

The repercussions for this are great prospects for the GOP.  A GOP president will be likely elected in 2012 with a large majority in the House with a possible supermajority in the Senate.  That would be enough to repeal Obamacare.   Is it worth having this bill passed so the GOP can accomplish this?  I would say no.  I prefer the bill not to pass rather than to rely on the unknown future of repealing Obamacare.  However, at least the GOP has an ironclad campaign platform for the next two elections.

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