If Obamacare passes, should the GOP Senate put up a blanket filabuster on all legislative business until the next Congress is sworn in?

It seems as if Bart Stupak is more optimistic about a deal getting done with satisfying the abortion funding issue.  The deal of course being that a separate bill would be created with assurance from the Senate that it would be passed in that chamber.  Stupak and his coalition needs their cover anyway they can get it so when the November elections roll around, their right-to-life ratings won’t have a very big blemish on their records. 

In the above linked article, it was mentioned that in a hardball play, McConnell and Boehner could just issue a statement saying that they will vote against any “fix” legislation including abortion as a form of protest against Obamacare.  The downside of course would be that the House Dems would likely pass this with pro-choice Dems’ support to put the onus on GOP lawmakers to explain their actions.  I don’t think this will happen as Boehner had the opportunity to kill the Stupak amendment language when the amendment came to the floor last year.  His reasoning being that the sanctity of human life should not be cast aside in the hopes of killing legislation.  I agreed with Boehner at the time and still do. 

This brought up another idea in my head though.  Instead of doing this, why not just come out and announce that if this partisan healthcare legislation passes, the GOP will shut down the Senate with a blanket filabuster until the next Congress is sworn in?   Filabuster all nomination of judges, pending legislation, etc.  Stupak and his coalition not getting his seperate bill passed by the mid-term elections would be the least of the Democrats’ problems.  Whew, would Stupak be in a box then.  The GOP could cite the reason that if Democrats want to work alone by themselves without any input from the GOP and ignore the will of the majority of Americans from now on, they can go right on ahead.  We won’t be a part of anything or discussion like we were with healthcare and we’ll vote against any bill that the Democrats draw up.  The Democrats can cry and wail all they want.  Making this a broad issue would give the GOP cover.  If the Dems complain that the GOP is obstructing card check, cap-and-trade, immigration, health care fixes, etc., the GOP will simply respond “You like doing things by yourself.  Go right on ahead.  We won’t stop you but we will object to every piece of legislation you draw up.  We are now going to focus on getting this healthcare abomination repealed.  We will not rest until we do.” 

Of course, this would be all out political war but in all reality, the Democrats have been waging war against the institutions of this country for quite awhile now.

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