Laugh out loud funny: Obama/Pelosi/Reid — It’s that darn Constitution that is getting the way of us taking over healthcare!!

And now for a good laugh.

The House and Senate parliamentarians are set to rule soon on whether reconciliation can happen on a bill that has not been signed into law yet by the president.  Um, yeah.  I don’t like the Democrats’ hopes on this one.  Reconciliation can only happen on current legislation. 

Harry Reid will seek to abolish the filabuster  in the next congress.  Warning:  Make sure you are not drinking anything as you read this on your computer.

And last but not least via flaming skull over at Ace, House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter, Democratic congresswoman one of the progressive leaders is seeking to get a rule change where the House could make changes to the Senate bill, but count the bill as “not changed”.  This obviously is to avert the rule that any changes made to the Senate bill would have to go back to the Senate and be subject to the dreaded filabuster.  This is the same congresswoman who moved our hearts with the sad story of a woman having to wear her dead sister’s false teeth because she couldn’t afford the care.  Yeah, that one is sure going to fly. 

All of these are indication of one thing.  Pelosi isn’t even close to having the votes to pass the Senate bill.  This confirmed my earlier suspicion.  It is dead in the water in its original version without changes.

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