The Senate bill now might be dead in the House

H/T Ace

Assuming that the Stupak coalition doesn’t pull a Ben Nelson, the Senate bill might be in the crypt.  Even if Pelosi was able to get Stupak’s votes, it is still up in the air if she could get the magic number to pass.  Charlie Rangel is saying that nothing is going to get changed.  Translation:  Stupak isn’t going to get his way.  Stupak is saying there is no deal unless he gets his abortion language and nixed the idea of a seperate bill being passed in the House with the hopes that the Senate will act on it later.  Looks like Stupak didn’t fall for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid double cross  after all but then again, it just looks like it.  Trust yet verify. 

March 18 deadline?  Gone.  It looks impossible to get something done by Easter.  Oh those town halls during the recess are going to be even better than last August.  The heat from the constituents of those Democratic congressmen are going to be even worse than last time. 

So what now?  The Democrats can go for a two bill circus strategy that would try to use reconciliation in the Senate.  This of fight of course would likely drag on until the next Congress would be sworn in and would play out on television in front of everyone.  I really don’t think they want this one to drag out anymore.  The longer they keep this on the burner, the better it is for the GOP. 

Two strategies I see here for the Democrats.  One, they can keep this on the burner until election day and hope their base shows up.  However, seniors, independents and the GOP base would be even more fired up to vote if they did this.  The other is to exit stage left.  Drop the thing by a tacit pivot to something else.  Their base would be even more demoralized but the offset might be is that there would be a portion of voters who might be happy that the bill died and they will disengage.  The Democrats are going to have to swallow their medicine either way. 

Keep the pressure up.  Don’t ever let up.  If there is one thing that this who healthcare debate has taught us is there are people who do not sleep, do not cease, do not ever stop trying to change this country into a socialist nightmare that ultimately will permanently rob us of our liberties and freedom.  We as a country have been too trusting of these politicians for too long and we must from now on be ever watchful.  We must teach our children to do the same.  The robber of freedom is always at this country’s door.

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