Democratic pollsters advise Democratic leadership to cut their losses and start over.

Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen are right here.  This should be a wake-up call.  The Democrats have been pursuing a delusion that if they don’t pass something, they will lose their base and take terrible losses in November such as what happened in 1994.  Things were much different back then and the factors involved there were much different.  This time, the Democratic leadership has been involved in back-room closed door negotiations, considering blatant and unconstitutional means and tricks to pass an unpopular bill, violated every possible position they have taken only to do 180 degree turnabouts later.  I would have to name Obama and the Democratic party nowadays ‘The 180 party”.  What they tell you what they are going to stand for and what positions they are going to take, expect the complete opposite.  It’s like the fictional character who cannot tell the truth at all.  Ask him something like “Is the sun hot or cold?” and he’ll tell you “Cold of course.”  You get the point.

This has been a very big day for the GOP and the people.  The Senate parliamentarian as everyone knows today ruled that reconciliation can only take place on bills that have become law.  This obviously rendered the brazen and unconstitutional Slaughter solution useless.  Pelosi has only one option now.  Pass the Senate bill as-is.  If any changes are made to the Senate bill, I believe that runs into the 60 vote requirement to overcome a filabuster.  Noises coming from the Democratic leadership now are that they are going to proceed without the Stupak votes and that Pelosi will have this voted on prior to the Easter recess.   If Pelosi thinks Stupak is bluffing,  she is might be wrong here as Stupak Democrats are starting to become known more by the day.  Then of course there are the progressives who are not happy about not getting the public option, Cadillac taxes, and immigration language in the Senate bill.  There are the fiscal Blue Dogs in red state districts who have problems with the cost of this.  Luiz Gutierrez and Ray Capuano who are safe Democrat congressmen have openly expressed doubts about the Senate bill today.  If safe Democratic congressmen are expressing doubts about this, that should tell you something. 

In summary, looking at it politically, all sides whether it be progressive, blue dog and obviously the GOP would be best served by voting no on the Senate bill.   Then they could simply tell their constituents that the bill didn’t meet the interests of the people of the districts they represent.  Will Pelosi listen to reason from cooler heads in her own party?  Probably not.  It is probably going to take a large number of Democratic congressmen to finally go up to her and tell her to drop the pursuit of passing the Senate bill.  If she doesn’t stop this now, the Democratic party is looking at cataclysmic losses in the House come November.

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