WAR! Pelosi to use the Slaughter rule to endaround the Constitution

Oh boy.  Folks, if I am reading this Politico article, it is about to get really nasty.  E Pluribus Unum highlighted the consequences of taking this route earlier.  Pelosi hopes to have a health care vote next week but is floating around a date of March 21st.  However, she vowed to keep the House in session until a vote is taken.  In essence, she will not take no for an answer.  Here is the whip list over at the Hill.  Melt the phones of all these congressmen. 

Pelosi and Hoyer either believe Stupak is bluffing in regards to killing health care because of abortion language or are just flat out sick of these pro-life or Blue Dog Democrats.  Whether it be passing the Senate bill by vote or “passing” it by rule, they don’t care.  I believe the purpose is not only to attain the liberal Holy Grail for a jewel in her and Obama’s dastardly crowns, but to burn down the Blue Dog caucus in the process.  Though the Democratic Congress would lose a staggering amount of seats come November, the people will be so outraged that any Democrat congressman in a purple or red district/state with a (D) next to their name will be voted out of office.  Then all there would be left would be radical, liberal Democratic congressmen. 

This Slaughter solution is another hoodwink by Pelosi.  She is selling an illusion to the pro-life and Blue Dog Democrats that by passing the Senate bill by rule, they will not have to take a tough vote and it won’t be on their record as they try to get re-elected.  This is utterly foolish.  The people will see the Blue Dog Dem congressmen as having voted for the bill since they took no action to prevent this blatant, unconstitutional power grab. 

If there ever was a time for Stupak pro-lifers and the entire Blue Dog coalition to save their caucus and announce they are not going along with this, it is now.  Otherwise, they are finished and this country very well might be as well unless by some miracle, the GOP can muster the congressional majorities in 2010 and 2012 as well as the presidency in 2012.

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