UPDATE (and it’s good): The eerie silence coming from the Commonwealth and Rust Belt states

It looks like some of the Virginia Democrats are all publically stating that they will or are likely to vote no this time around.  Glenn Nye and Tom Periello are at no or leaning no.   Chris Carney of Pennsylvania who was a yes vote last time looks to be a no vote this time according to the Hill whip count.  He told a local Scranton newspaper that he cannot vote for a bill that publicly funds abortion.  Jerry Costello of Illinois looks to be a no now as well.  Brad Ellsworth of Indiana is likely a no.  Baron Hill is up in the air.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Obama is pushing health care in Ohio?  As I stated, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are the key to holding his presidency.  Keep the pressure up at full blast on the Congressmen in these states. 


Maybe all the readers can help me with this.  The GOP has done a masterful job with robocalling vulnerable Democratic districts of congressmen who are up for re-election.  We have been concerned with the Stupak coalition holding under tremendous pressure from Obama and Pelosi.  Maybe our focus has been too narrow.  Hence, there are some states where congressmen in those states could probably stand to get the burning light consisting of a little more pressure on the phone, e-mail and fax lines.

The three states that have initially jumped out at me are Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  With the exception of Jason Altmire, congressmen in these states have kept an extremely low profile.  If they are keeping a low profile, I would be inclined to think that the Democratic party doesn’t want voters calling and pressuring those congressmen.  They are not talking really much at all.  There have been some rumblings from Massachusetts and New Jersey (Capuano and Adler) about doubts with Obamacare.  However, if you live in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania I would really start to lay the heat down and politely demand how those congressmen are going to be voting on this bill.  Virginia has extremely vulnerable congressmen that have been quite as a mouse.  If they vote yea for this bill, there is a very good likelihood that all of them will be swept out of office come November.  Pennsylvania and Ohio’s Democratic congressmen are also very vulnerable. 

The point I am making with this is simply that these states are heavily trending back to red.  One of the terrible costs for Democrats in pushing for Obamacare is that Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are likely to have GOP governors at the least in these states come November.  There are likely to be more GOP gains in the state legislatures as well.  When the GOP turns those states around and people start seeing results, Obama will have a very hard time holding onto any of those states when he tries to get re-elected in 2012.  He’ll likely lose Ohio and Virginia.  If he loses Pennsylvania he has no chance at getting re-elected. 

Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan are also trending back to red as well.  According to the latest polling the GOP is solidly leading in all potential gubernatorial matchups in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Same argument applies here.  When the GOP starts turning those states around, it puts Obama at a bigger disadvantage for 2012.  He’ll be fighting in traditionally blue territory. 

In summary, this brazen push to pass Obamacare whether it be by vote, or unconstitionally by rule, is causing tremendous damage to the Democratic party at the state levels.  If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, or Wisconsin, call up your congressmen often and politely demand how they will be voting for the bill.  If they don’t tell you, that’s fine but tell them you want a no vote.  Keep making those polite demands and calls until you get an answer.

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