Democratic leadership trying to fire up their base by using the Slaughter Solution?

Apparently, using the Slaughter Solution is a go

I can’t believe (well, I guess nothing surprises me from the Democratic party anymore) that Pelosi is going to go through with this.  Via Brian Darling, Fox reported this morning:

According to Fox, the Democrats are 5 votes short of the necessary votes needed to pass a procedure that will avoid a direct vote on the Senate version of ObamaCare.  The tentative tally, again according to FOX is 211 to 220.  They are 5 votes short of the 216 needed to pass and a promise not to force moderate Democrats to have to vote directly on the Senate version of ObamaCare may help pass the bill.  Promising members in conservative leaning districts to vote for a procedure rather than an unpopular bill may help to convince enough Democrats to vote for the procedure.  This is one instance where an unconstitutional procedure is being employed to pass a piece of legislation.

The key here is that she is 5 votes short on voting for the procedure that will deem the Senate bill “passed”.  She is probably no where close to having the votes for a direct up or down vote on the floor for the Senate bill.  Jerry Costello, Rick Boucher, and Steve Dreihaus  (who had a visit from Joe Biden but still stands with no because he will not support federal funding for abortions) have all come out in the last 24 hours and say they don’t support the Senate in the current bill.  This puts the whip count being tabulated by the Hill at 36 votes with 72 undecided.  Pelosi now in effect has to run the table of undecideds for a direct up-or-down vote on health care. 

Why in the world would the Democratic leadership cause a constitutional crisis and really tick the country off at them by trying to sign into law a bill that doesn’t meet the requirements of Article 1 Section 7 in the Constitution?  The answer is simple.  Rahm Emanuel as we well know loves to never let a crisis go to waste.  Remember the House vote on TARP?  It was voted down the first time but then passed when another vote was called later.  Why?  Simple, it was to amplify the crisis into something bigger, make the people more afraid and cry out and depend on the government (not the free market) to find a solution.   It also played the pivotal role in turning around the presidential prospects of Barack Obama.  Why would the Democrats want to create a crisis here?  Well, the answer is the topic question of this post.  If Pelosi is able to get the votes to go along with this unconstitutional means of making Obamacare law, then it would likely get legally challenged, brought to the Supreme Court who would likely declare Obamacare and its phantom passage unconstitutional. 

Obama and the Democrats would try to whip their base into a frenzied rage by claiming that the Supreme Court and the GOP was taking away their healthcare and victory for America.  Why do you think Obama and the White House have been publicly putting the Supreme Court down for the Citizens United case decision? This is the only fathomable way to get their base to show up for them in November.  No passage of the Senate bill or defeat by congressional vote they believe will depress and make their base sit on their hands in November.  The problem with this approach is that whatever gain with their base showing up in November if they go this route will be offset by further erosion in support among independents and even some moderate Democrats.  This will fire up the seniors and GOP base to show up in November even more as well.  They know already that they are looking at huge losses in November.  They figure this is the only way to minimize the losses.  EPU is right.  Regardless of how this turns out, if Pelosi gets a majority to go along with these procedural abomination, it will permanently exile the progressives and the Blue Dogs will be preserved for at least the next one or two generations in this country.

Oppose ferociously until Obamacare dies. 

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