Surprising news this morning

Jason Altmire is saying that the House leadership  is trying to turn hard nos (those who have stated they will vote or are very likely to vote no) this morning.  This could mean one or two things.  Either Pelosi is well short of getting the votes she needs or she has the votes and wants a larger margin of victory.  I would tend with #1 but can’t take for granted it might be two.  Keep the phone calls up.

Via Ace, The New York Times is reporting that Obama is focusing on Dina Titus of Nevada, Betty Sutton of Ohio, Bob Etheridge of NC, and Mike McIntyre of NC.  McIntyre has made himself a firm no according to the Hill with his past couple of public statements.  I had Titus and Sutton as lean yes in my updated whip count yesterday as they are in Democrat leaning districts.   However, Titus is in Nevada where unemployment has been skyrocketing and Sutton might be feeling a little queasy about voting for this because of the independents in her district.  Etheridge I had as lean yes but he might be getting a lot of heat from his constituents.   However, this article could be some coordinated effort by the White House and the Times for the Obamacare opposition to take off our eyes from the truly important congressmen.  So, call those congressmen in the Times link AND call the congressmen that need special attention.  See the link again taking you to the whip count for people who are important. 

Also, I really think those commonwealth and rust belt congressmen will be so key in this one.  Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and even Illinois really need the pressure on them.  Florida is another state as it has a high senior population.  I mentioned before that Obama being in Ohio yesterday isn’t a coincidence.  He is not only trying to get his health care bill across the line, he is trying to keep those states on his side of the aisle when 2012 rolls around. 

Don’t stop fighting.  Keep the heat on them until we hear that the White House and/or Pelosi is going to focus on something else and drop health care.  Your phone calls combined with the GOP robocalls and ads as well as ads from outside groups is paying dividends.  Obama and Pelosi apparently are having a very hard time trying to counter the people.  Keep it up.

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