(Update:) Bad CBO score = Obama negotiating with AFL-CIO union leader to agree to have their union members sacrifice (a.k.a. union members are about to get their Cadillac health plans taxed)

Via Hot Air:

Evidently there is very bad news coming from the CBO.  GOP congressmen Joe Barton stated that the CBO estimate for the reconciliation bill came back at over $1 trillion.  Yes, you read that right.  That’s a 1 followed by 12 zeros.  It is unlikely that this would meet the requirments for a reconciliation bill as Reid’s bill is cheaper.  Of course the term cheaper doesn’t matter much when there are that many zeros in the cost of this colassal financial abomination.  Even more key:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is headed into a meeting with President Obama this afternoon after the White House and Congressional leaders have begun to discuss a higher-than-expected excise tax on some health care plans, in order to maintain their claim that health care legislation will reduce the deficit, a source involved in health care talks said.

Any unexpected change to the health care plan could endanger support for the bill from labor, which agreed to back it after reductions to the planned excise tax.

If you have friends whom are in unions, you might want to give them a call and heads up about what their well-meaning union leadership is up to and that they are going to take it up the tailpipe like every American will.  Their health plans are going to get taxed up the wazoo.  They have to make up the money somewhere to get a legit reconciliation bill to the floor. 

Via the Hill, Steny Hoyer is now saying a healthcare vote could happen on Sunday.  More deadlines pushed back.  Hoyer is “still waiting” on the CBO numbers.  Yeah, sure Steny.  I don’t even know now if a vote will happen over the weekend.   This is likely to get pushed into next week because changes (if Obama can get them from the unions) will have to be made to the reconcilation bill which will require a new scoring from the CBO.  That is going to take time folks.  With this monumental clash likely to carry into next week, the belief of the House members that reconciliation fixes could be done by the Senate before Easter recess looks to be practically impossible.  House members are going to grow more skeptical of the Senate by the day.

Keep up the heat on your congressmen.

UPDATE:  Fox News is reporting there will be no CBO score tonight.  That certainly is telling. 

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