The next Pelosi pressure momentum tactic to watch out for

There have been a rumor floating around that Pelosi has a CBO score on a reconciliation bill.  Rush Limbaugh heard this through a “spy” he has on the Hill.  Limbaugh suggested that she would likely put this out tomorrow (could be late today).  This would be used to create momentum.  Now it is common knowledge that whenever a Speaker of the House schedules a vote, you can pretty much guarantee that legislation is going to be passed.  Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Dem leadership have been making statments saying that when they call a vote, they will have the votes. 

However, I think that Pelosi might schedule a vote with her release of the CBO score though she might not have the votes.  The point of this is she could use the scheduling of the vote as a tactical means to create even more momentum so she could finally swing over the votes she needs to pass whatever she is going to pass.  Whether it be a direct vote on the Senate bill or a vote to deem the Senate bill “passed” by the Slaughter Rule,  the whole point of scheduling the vote is to headfake on-the-fence House Democrats to vote for the bill.  Her hope also would be to depress the opposition so that the phone lines will die down with the pressure on House Democrats.   I realize this might sound somewhat unorthodox but I don’t think it is crazy at all.  The Speaker can always cancel or reschedule a floor vote.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if Pelosi didn’t even release the reconciliation bill to the public because it would probably expose even more politically dirty pay-offs and accounting gimmicks. 

So, what should we do if Pelosi does this?  Simple.  Don’t give up.  Blow up the phones even more.  Call up your congressmen and demand how they will be voting whether it be for the Slaughter Solution or a direct vote on the Senate bill.  “I have heard that Speaker Pelosi has called a vote.  So,  how is the congressmen going to vote, yes or no?”  If he/she votes yes, let them have it and encourage them to vote no or else you will ensure he/she loses their job in November. 

Keep up the heat on your congressmen.

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