(UPDATE: Info from Michelle Malkin) The People’s Whip? — Saturday, March 18 — GOP leaders call on the people to descend on Washington

GOP leaders on the Glenn Beck show have called on the people to descend on Washington, Saturday, March 18.  Remember how Democrats laughed and mocked the Tea Party lobbying effort on Tuesday?  Time to send these jokers a message and put this healthcare abomination back into the crypt.   It’s time for the people to really crack their whip and show Obama and Pelosi who has the biggest whip to crack on congressmen. 

This is looking like an all-out attack after the GOP huddled this morning.  All GOP members are going to offer amendments at the House Rules panel on Saturday apparently.  Looks like the GOP isn’t going to spare any bullet in its arsenal and neither should we.  From now until the congressional recess, it’s all out melt the Capitol Hill switchboard.  Fill those congressmen offices with phone calls and people.  Let the Rules Committee panel hear you and the television cameras hear you in the halls. 

The fight is on and it’s the championship rounds.  Let’s go win this thing.

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