Democrats in major backpedal over leaked memo exploiting doc fix CBO fraud, claim it’s a hoax and GOP submitted the memo

Somehow I am having a hard time believing them.  Axelrod and company must have been doing major damage control over the last couple of hours.  The Democrats are now screaming that a memo like we saw today never existed.  There must have been some major shredding and deleating of documents on Capitol Hill.  Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says two sources up at the Hill confirmed the existence of the memo.  On top of that, Politico ran with it as well.  What makes the Democrats claim not believable is the fact that the AMA endorsed the healthcare plan shortly after the leaked memo broke but before it really started to get any traction.  The Hill highlights the AMA’s endorsement here.  So, the Democrats think that the GOP somehow knew that the AMA was going to endorse the Obamacare bill and created the fraudulent memo to time the AMA’s endorsement??  My goodness!  That’s brilliant!!  The GOP is a heck of a lot sneakier than I thought!!!

Of course I am being sarcastic here.  In case for some freak reason the Hill tries to redact the AMA endorsement, I have saved the screen shot of the endorsement article.  The memo in question can be viewed here. 

The Democratic leadership is trying to unscramble scrambled eggs.  Problem is, this is already out there for the public to see.  It doesn’t help that Politico ran with the article either as they are somewhat left leaning.

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