The worst looking legislative bill house of cards I have ever seen.

Anybody getting tired yet? 

Okay, this has been a really long day and now it is early in the morning where I am at.  This has been one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters that I have ever had to endure to put it lightly.  So where does this thing stand?

Earlier in the day this thing looked at least at how the votes were coming out as a done deal.  Certain House members were sacrificing their careers with likely payouts that we don’t know about yet.  The pattern of votes seemed to indicate the conventional “minimize losses” strategy for the mid-term elections.  I got really ticked off and then had to step away for awhile.  When I came back, I found Nancy Pelosi being held at gunpoint by Bart Stupak and Diana Degette.  And then a whole lot of other things started blowing up like a bad CBO score (which does increase the deficit), Harry Reid trying to fake out House Democrats who want to be assured that reconciliation is going to happen by releasing a letter with no signed names and House members upset with desparate Medicare allocations to states/districts.   Wait a minute, I thought Democrats were for fairness?  DeFazio being a no now made a whole lot of sense.  Oh, how things can change. 

Okay, by just looking at this, I think Stupak and the pro-lifers who are holding out are wanting some sort of tie-bar bill, concurrent resolution, enrollment blah blah blah.  The fact is, none of these will ever pass muster and will likely not make it out of the House.  Degette surely isn’t sounding like she is going to let Stupak or the other pro-lifers get their way.  And it is sounding like Stupak isn’t going to back down either.  Whether it is passed prior to the “deeming passed” the Senate bill or after, Stupak has no way of getting his abortion language into the legislation and passing the House and Senate.  Pelosi has no way of making any room.  The pro-choicers in the House or Senate are not going to go for this.  Just by seeing the reactions of the pro-choice caucus and comments over at liberal blogs, they are furious about this.  They are even more furious because if Stupak is getting this deal, why can’t Alan Grayson with his 80+ signatures get a public option seperate bill?  There is a lot of anger from the left at Pelosi right now.  Stupak can’t tell his constituents or the Catholic Bishops that he tried to get the amendment but let the bill pass.  There is no cover there.  To his constituents and the Catholic Bishops, if you know that your whatever tool is not going to fly, you have to kill the legislation by voting NO.  The same goes with the rest of the pro-life Democrats and their solid pro-life ratings. 

I don’t see a way through this for Pelosi.  I really don’t. 

  • Stupak pro-lifers
  • Degette pro-choicers
  • Disgruntled House members about Medicare allocations (Allison Swartz of Florida is now on the fence.)
  • “I want to be sure there is going to be reconciliation!” House Democrats (Tom Periello being the most notable).
  • The Hispanic caucus possibly bolting if there will not be reconciliation.
  • Oh, did I mention the bad CBO final scoring??  How smart of the Democrats to leave out the “doc fix” so the reconciliation bill could fall within the “budget reduction” guidelines.  Talk about the worst accounting fraud I have seen.  Dems giving the CBO crud data.  Hey, kind of like the global warming farce huh?

It’s not over by any stretch.  I didn’t link anything since you can find most of the gory details at Hot Air and I’m just too dog tired.  It’s been a long week. 

Keep hammering the phones.  If you can make it to the capital tomorrow, do so for yourself and your children.  God bless you conservative soldiers.

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