Per the Hill,

Evidently the unions are furious with Jason Altmire, Michael Acuri, and Steven Lynch in opposing this bill.  Now if the unions are that adamant in pressing these congressmen to reconsider, that isn’t exactly a show of confidence that the bill will pass.  Just food for thought.

Now for the main juicy stuff of the Stupak coalition.  If Stupak was a man of his pro-life convictions and those convictions could not be bought, he wouldn’t be negotiating with the White House on used toilet paper….er…Executive Order.  He would have turned Obama and House leadership down in a heartbeat.  As many here have already highlighted, this bill will pass or fail with the Stupak coalition.  Just by reading the tea leaves, I think there is already an agreement in place.  Stupak is still saying he is a no and that there is no agreement but I am having a hard time believing that with everything else I see.  I believe the decision is being made as far as who will vote for the bill and who will vote it down.  Stupak will likely vote it down.  The others, Berry, Dahlkamper, Rahall, Mollohan, Driehaus, Connelly, Lipinski, and Costello will be parsed at to maximize their chances of getting re-elected with their vote.  I really hope I am wrong but I REALLY do hope that there are still men on Capitol Hill who will vote with their convictions and choose life over money and reduced freedom. Here is the latest article from the Hill that is a must read that highlights the ball game.

John Tanner and Lincoln Davis are NO. Brian Baird, Earl Pomeroy, Marcy Kaptur are YES. Kanjorski is still undecided as we know.

Call, email, fax, and most of all, pray.  If Stupak and the rest of his coalition stick to their stated convictions, our country might live a while longer.

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