Time to really focus in — Encourage Stupak and the pro-lifers to hold. Tennesseans, keep working on Davis and Tanner

Turn up the heat.

(H/T redneck_hippie)  It looks like Loretta Sanchez is going to be a no.  At least that is what FireDogLake thinks and they cite Roll Call as well.  Even Eva Langoria is trying to get a hold of Sanchez apparently. Sanchez has a very tough Vietnamese challenger who will score a large Asian vote and might be concerned with losing her seat.

All right, to summarize everything.  If Stupak and the pro-lifers hold, don’t buck the Catholic Bishops and pro-life groups then the bill will fail.  They are:


Lincoln Davis

John Tanner

Bart Stupak

Kathy Dahlkamper

Nick Rahall

Jerry Costello

Dan Lipinski

Marcy Kaptur

Allan Mollohan

Marion Berry (Bill Clinton is desperately trying to peel him off)

Steve Driehaus

Joe Connelly

Rick Boucher (Almost forgot him!  He hasn’t announced but was a lean no last I checked.)


Earl Pomeroy

Paul Kanjorski

Solomon Ortiz

Mike Michaud

Bill Foster (Doubtful, but still place a call)


Brian Baird

Last but not least, pray for the Republic tonight, when you get up, and before the votes are taken tomorrow.  God Almighty, above all, moves the hearts of men and ultimately has His purpose prevail in everything.  Pray that He intercede for us so we may win this battle and begin to renew our country so we may make it great again for our children’s sake.  Pray that our freedoms may be preserved and that we may always never take for granted again the liberties and grace He has blessed this country with.  Pray that though corrupt politicians may come up with many devices to achieve a dark purpose, that He may frustrate those devices and thwart them ultimately.  It has been an honor to serve you all, to engage in beneficial conversation with so many well- thought people,  and to make so many new friends here.  God bless you all.   May His countenence shine upon you.

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