Worth a shot. Motion to Recommit poison pill?

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This according to The Hill:

Democrats are worried about holding their members together on a GOP motion that could kill the healthcare bill.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said House leaders are specifically concerned about a Republican motion to recommit that would contain only language on abortion that Stupak originally had wanted to include in the Senate bill.

The concern is based on the fear of GOP attack ads painting Democrats who vote against a motion to recommit that includes Stupak’s favored language on abortion as “flip-floppers” on the issue.

Sixty-eight Democrats voted for Stupak’s language in a November vote. They could be portrayed as flipping if they now voted against it.

“They are concerned about it,” Stupak said after his Sunday press conference.

If enough Democrats with Republicans backed the motion to recommit the bill to committee, it would effectively kill the healthcare bill.

Democrats, however, said they expect the GOP motion will include other proposed changes to the bill, besides the Stupak language on abortion.

Right now the best defense House leaders have against such a prospect is a colloquy that Stupak will hold on the House floor to publicly reaffirm that the executive order upholds the ban on federal funding of abortion.

“One of the reasons for the colloquy is to get it out there that, look, this is what it’s doing,” Stupak said. “Not only do we have the President’s order, the legislative body understands the same thing.  We want to make it very clear.”

Stupak on Sunday won a deal with the White House (ROFL!!!  THAT IS SOME JOURNALISTIC BS IF I EVER SAW IT), which released an executive order stating that the healthcare legislation would not change existing law preventing federal funds from going to abortion services.

That was enough for Stupak and several other Democrats to swing their support to the healthcare bill, likely giving Democrats the margin they need for victory.

During his press conference, Stupak said that he would be inclined to support a motion to recommit containing only his abortion amendment.

“Just that?  Boy that’d be a great day, wouldn’t it?” Stupak said.

Speaking to The Hill after that press conference, Stupak said he won’t necessarily make the argument that Democrats should reject a Republican motion consisting of just his abortion language.

“I don’t know if I’ll make the argument [to vote it down], but we’ll do the colloquy to clarify our intent, the executive order that Hyde applied,” he said.

I began to weigh the pluses and minuses of this.  It is an outside shot but well worth it.  I would hope the GOP doesn’t load up the motion to recommit with tort reform, insurance across state lines, etc.  This would give Democrats reasons to explain to their constituents.  Save the tort reform and other arguments for a future date.  Keep it simple.  My only concern would be to give Pope Judas Stupak political cover here.  He would say “Hey, I tried to get it through but didn’t work.” which of course the most novice GOP candidate will point out everything that Stupak pulled in ads and in debates.

At a minimum, 68 DEMOCRATS who voted for the Stupak amendment would be hard pressed here.  They would become even more uncomfortable of not only those who are going to vote YEA for this Obamacare trash, but their hypocrisy would be on full display for TV ads and debates.  At a minimum, the GOP expands the losses that the Democrats are going to absorb in the House this November by using this simple Motion to Recommit with Stupak only languageFiscal sanity, big government, and corrupt Democrats will be the platform the GOP will make hay with for the next 3-5 election cycles.

Finally, something to ponder.  Why are the Democrats openly worrying about this?  There a trap here?  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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