The latest desperate Democratic attempt at framing the Tea Partiers…terrified of the big smackdown coming in November

Yeah, we can expect more and more of this up until the mid-terms.  We have already been seeing some potential GOP congressional candidates email campaigns being blackballed as well.  Red State’s Neil Stevens has also been blackballed by Google.  Wear that badge with honor Neil :)  Sean Trende over at RCP believes that the Democratic losses could approach 100 seats in the House come fall and his analysis is actually very, very realistic and good.  These desperate gutter tactics being employed by the Democrats shouldn’t surprise you.  If the Dems are looking at losses like these on the national level, they are going to suffer heavily in gubernatorial and state congressional elections as well.

132 GOP House targets were identified not too long back that you can look at locally in your state.  Once the primary dust settles, I will try to put all the candidates listings together along with their campaign websites so you can donate to them if you approve of them.


Don’t ever lose sight of the objective.  The Democrats are going to do whatever it takes to try to get the bullseye off themselves with the voters’ guns aimed directly at them.  That includes deception, distraction and misdirection.  The best way to counter that is stay on point with conservatism and free market solutions.

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