Confirmation of Democratic Strategy — Democratic pollster Doug Schoen tells Democratic candidates to run on conservative values for November

H/T Hot Air

I thought I smelled a rat.

Earlier, I felt compelled to remind everyone not to fall for this ruse that Democrats have used in the past, most recently in winning back the House in 2006.  I believe Schoen’s article is spot on and is a must-read.  The wishy-washy-wimpy GOP leadership better get its act together, embrace conservatives, the Tea Party, and become disciplined while fundamentally sound in its finances, core principles, and hardened with courage.  If you honestly think that the far left Democratic base won’t show up to vote if the Democratic party tacks right, think again.  After all, they were fed this in 2006 but the base all really knew what was up.  Those candidates put on a conservative front so a bankrupting socialist agenda could be rammed down our country’s throat at a later time.  All Democrats are liberal, big spending socialists when everything boils down.  We must never forget that.

Hammer Democratic incumbents on their voting record, cap and trade, Obamacare, etc.

Hammer Blue Fraud and conservative acting first-time Democratic candidates with keeping Nancy Pelosi as speaker and their duplicity by using the Stupak 12 as an example.

Show up to vote in any election up to and in November.

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