Kristi Noem (R-CAND-SD-AL) shows very simply how GOP congressional candidates can stamp their ticket to Washington

(H/T Hedgehog Report)

“Any vote for a Democratic House candidate is a vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker”

Yeah, I’ve said it a few times.  Kristi Noem has begun to hammer Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin on her pro-Nancy Pelosi voting record.  The result?


Now it could be argued that Noem is getting a bounce from winning the GOP primary and there is some truth to that.  However, whenever the GOP candidate reminds voters of Obamacare, Cap and Trade, the “transparent, open and honest government” backroom negotiations of Democratic leadership using your tax dollars to buy congressional votes for legislation, etc., the ads just write themselves.

Noem cited Herseth-Sandlin’s voting with Pelosi 95% of the time.  Herseth-Sandlin’s team cried foul and claimed that Noem wasn’t being truthful and that Herseth-Sandlin only voted with Pelosi 92.7% of the time.

Wow.  Killer response from Herseth-Sandlin’s office.  That one is likely over all ready.   With today’s development of Bob Etheridge assaulting a student who asked him a simple, non-provacative question, the fall from the cliff for the Democrats looks to end with a historic splat that could be remembered for generations to come.

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