Financial reform legislation in danger — Scott Brown signals he may vote no on conferenced bill of House and Senate.

Don’t let Organizing for America pressure Sen. Brown again into going along with this legislation.  Make the calls to his office and encourage him to vote no on cloture.  If he votes no, then the bill is likely dead as Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins would likely vote no as well.

Politico is assuming that the financial reform bill’s survival has taken a hit with the death of Senator Byrd.  This may be foolish on their part to assume as Snowe and Collins will not vote for this if the bill has a chance of going down.  Politics, what a business.  Look for President Obama to pull a “Do it for Ted, save Obamacare” with Senator Byrd’s death.

Here is Scott Brown’s phone number and website info:

(202) 224-4543


Off topic, looks like the shenanigans are already potentially starting in regards to how long Senator Byrd’s appointed replacement might serve.

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