(UPDATE: Maine Senators being targeted) Obama and Reid’s last gasp (DREAM Act) to create a future voter bloc prior to November. Blow up the phones tonight and tomorrow.

This article by Politico sums it up.  The Dems need this for the midterm elections badly.  Call all your GOP Senators, particulary in Maine, to vote no on this.

Malkin has all of the Senators numbers in regards to this.  With Democrats polling plummeting everywhere and today’s Rasmussen generic polling showing R+10 six weeks out before the election night of November 2nd, the Obamabots as well as Alinksky, Daily Kos, Organizing for America, and big labor unions making the calls to the Capitol switchboard to get the DREAM Act through, no reason why we cannot match and surpass them in intensity and make sure another travesty doesn’t get through the Senate chamber.

Personally, I cannot see how any GOP Senator would vote for this so close to an election and give the Democrats something they so desperately need.  Nevertheless, we cannot take anything for granted.   The Democrats have passed a horrible healthcare bill against the will of the country.  Even more Americans are against this amnesty bill and have been heavily against the Justice Department suing Arizona in regards to its new immigration law.  According to Malkin, Scott Brown, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Mike Johanns who were considered to be on the fence are NO votes.  Personally, I would target all purple or red state Democratic senators (with the exception of Dingy Harry of course) and GOP Senators.

The vote is scheduled for 2:15 p.m.  Make yourselves heard.

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