Huh? In a pout over the DREAM Act not passing today, Obama says “Mexicans were here first before Americans”

(H/T Gateway Pundit)

Unbelievable. Talk about a ready made ad for the GOP presidential nominee for 2012.  It’s funny how the MSM has been trumpeting the failure of getting closure on the defense authorization bill as “GOP blocks Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal”  Just look at Politico, CNN, the Associated Press, etc.  They are all saying the same thing but we all knew what this was about.  It was about creating votes through DREAM and at worst case, trying to make the GOP as being anti-gay bigots.  The only thing Harry Reid succeeded in doing was by advancing this legislation, he practically sealed the fates of Jim Webb of Virginia, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and Jon Tester of Montana come 2012.  Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted no in the hopes of saving his political skin in two years.  Smart man but that Obamacare yea vote is going to still be real heavy.  On top of that, the enormous evangelical vote has to be very heartened by the stand that the GOP took today and further ensures that this voting bloc will be out in force in November.

What a death spiral we are now witnessing the Democrats are in.  With the polling from Democratic/Daily Kos pollster PPP(D) today which showed Ron Johnson with an 11 point lead in Wisconsin over Russ Finegold (one of the firewall seats I spoke of not to long back) and John Raese now showing a 3 point lead over Joe Manchin in West Virginia, this is just amazing.  John Raese is running a phenomenal, crackerjack campaign.  His ads are incredible, very pointed and surgical.  The recent comments of Obama, Harry Reid, and some other Democratic incumbents in danger of extinction come November could very well be from the enormous strain and stress these politicians are watching their careers end.  Harry Reid shot his last bullet today for this Senate session and Sharron Angle is now showing signs of pulling ahead of him.   The true pleasure of watching the Senate vote today on C-SPAN was after the bill went down, Dick Durbin and Harry Reid went into the classic Democratic tactic, “the sad story”, and their performance was one very worthy of pure Kabuki theater.

November 2nd, it’s coming and Americans are carrying a big stick labeled “Democratic politicians’ butts wanted.”

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