New York Senate Bombshell: Gillibrand up…1 point says SurveyUSA


If this ain’t a mayday for the Democrats I can’t imagine what is.  If this verifies, the Senate could be as good as gone for the Democrats as well.  This same poll shows Cuomo up 49-40 against Paladino.  The Big Red Wave is starting to sweep over the Empire State.  Sure, this might seem like a short diary, if it be even a classified as a diary but this is certainly worth a red strobe light.

Amazing only 6 weeks out.  Democrats forced to spend money in New York?  That is the ultimate worse case scenario.  In this very recent post, I alluded to this election cycle possibly becoming uncontrollable for Democrats to limit their losses by firewalling certain states and races because New York is starting to swing toward the GOP and Paladino being a fantastic candidate probably has something to do with that.

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