Rust and Coal Belt Implosions, Obama healthcare lamentings

Everyone has been seeing the implosion across Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and now West Virginia seems to be joining the crowd.  Malkin drops a bomb with one of the many reasons aside from Cap and Trade. Recent polling of these states indicate a potential wipeout that you see maybe once in a century.   It would be useless to link everything but there is a lot of good news.  When Barney Frank is potentially in trouble in Massachusetts and other “safe” Democratic seats are in this kind of danger, this very well may be beyond the Democrats control to limit their losses.  There are so many seats that could flip. There is now apparent danger heading into the empire state as polls out of New York are showing Carl Paladino within single digits of Andrew Cuomo and evidently with a ton of momentum.  Granted, it is a Quinnipiac poll so I take it with a grain of salt but they typically poll the Northeastern states somewhat decently.   This will likely create a very good downticket effect in the House and Senate (Gillibrand’s seat) races in the U.S. Congress.  Scary times indeed for the Democratic Party.

I couldn’t help but notice this article from the AP about Obama faulting himself for not selling the healthcare law.  Goodness, could doing a tour around the country and holding townhalls, using the Super Bowl to do a Katie Couric interview to sell Obamacare to the public, sending out Kathleen Sebelius, Dem congressmen to townhalls, and groups like the AARP, all be enough?  One tiny bit of sales advice to Obama.  If a prospective buyer tells you no so many times and you keep trying to sell him, you’re only going to make the buyer more angry until finally he threatens to kick you out and tells everyone not to do business with you.

I think the reason why Obama keeps on trying to sell this thing is that his re-election chances are very much tied into resurrecting this sunk ship in the eyes of public perception.  The GOP has committed to repealing Obamacare if they come into power and if he vetoes the repeal legislation that will come to his desk  with Americans still solidly against Obamacare, it will only make voters more angry, disconnected and more motivated to boot him out in 2012.  If Senate Democrats try to filabuster repeal legislation with so many Senators up for election in 2012, it could ensure the GOP 60 votes in the Senate after Election Night 2012 is over.

Crazy to think this?  Thoughts welcome!

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