The DREAM is still alive…UGH! More future cramdown attempts by Harry Reid still to come?

Yeah, and the DISCLOSE Act is probably somewhere out there alive and kicking too.

I just caught this over at Malkin.

For some freak reason, I get the image of Harry Reid with his best death stare eyeing Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins saying “You will vote for this poo sandwich and help save my Senate seat and Democrats this November…and YOU WILL LIKE IT!!”

So the DREAM Act has gone back on the legislative calendar as a stand-alone bill.  Back in the day, that is 2007, the DREAM Act went down with bipartisan objection.  The Dems didn’t want George Bush and some amnesty GOP friendly congressmen at the time to hypothetically get the Hispanic vote in their camp.  So the Dems and conservative GOP senators voted this down.  Now, Reid and the rest of the Dems need some sort of legislative win to go to Hispanics with to put more voters in their camp.  Of course the GOP will not have any of this either.  Politics, what a business.

I’m currently looking for a Harry Reid/Dick Durbin “sad story” video when the defense authorization bill went down.  The whining grew louder with the failure of the DISCLOSE Act getting cloture today.  Reid tried pushing this through as well!!  This doesn’t surprise me.  The DREAM Act and DISCLOSE Act getting through the Senate are Reid’s last hope and gasp of salvaging November for the Democrats but most importantly, for him.

The Senate adjournment and November Election need to come with Godspeed.

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