All hands on deck. It’s up to you to get Joe Miller elected. Alaska in danger of Democrat Scott McAdams backdooring into the Alaska Senator seat.

Normally, I would typically pooh-pooh this because their isn’t a snowball’s chance that Murkowski could win as a write-in candidate.  However, Rasmussen, GOP and Democratic polls put Miller’s lead as razor thin over Murkowski.  The NRSC is hedging that in the event that Murkowski could this off that they will need her to block Democratic shenanigans in the lame duck session and caucus with the GOP come January.  Hence, that is why they have not been involved in this race much.  Allahpundit over at Hot Air has every right to be nervous:

There’s no good news to be had here. For starters, respondents are volunteering Murkowski’s name, not responding to a choice offered by the pollster. Her write-in ads are clearly helping. Beyond that, the two Republicans are doing such a good job of hammering each other that McAdams is right there in the hunt to win. In fact, the margin of error here is 4.5 points; he could theoretically be much closer than he looks. There’s no reason to believe this is an outlier either: On the contrary, Rasmussen’s numbers are virtually identical to the numbers PPP got when it polled this race a few days ago for Daily Kos. Worst of all, in that same Kos poll, PPP measured the favorable ratings for all three candidates. McAdams broke 44/26, mainly because many people haven’t heard of him; Murkowski split 48/46, which isn’t bad given the “sore loser” label she’s been wearing lately. Miller’s numbers, however, are … 35/58. He does much better with self-identified Republicans than Murky does, unsurprisingly, but among independents — and there are a lot of them in Alaska — she beats him by double digits. The ad below may help voters warm up to him a bit, but at this rate, it may take more than a bit.

Just as I’m writing this, a new Club for Growth poll affirms the Rasmussen and dKos numbers. They’ve got it Miller 33, Murkowski 31, McAdams 27, with a margin of error of 4.9 points — which means the race is now effectively a three-way tie. Dude, I’m nervous.

Murkowski and Miller are hammering each other so hard that McAdams has the highest favorables of any candidate.  I repeat, a Democratic candidate in Alaska has higher favorables in this election cycle than the other two candidates who want to represent the GOP in the Senate. There is a legitimate shot that McAdams could get the Senate seat as he passes Murkowski and Miller beating each other’s brains out.  An important point.  It is unclear if Murkowski would caucus with the GOP.  It is going to be up to the voters in Alaska and contributions to Joe Miller to make sure he wins this thing.  Miller isn’t going to get any help from the NRSC.  Donate to Joe Miller here.

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