So it begins. SEIU and other unions’ voting fraud efforts starting to pop up. A nationwide trend?

Ladyimpactohio has lately been pointing out the Democratic Party and union efforts and temper tantrums because they are starting to be watched by the citizens of Texas.   When someone cannot be trusted, they need to be watched.

Now shenanigans in Colorado and Arizona are starting to pop up.  From Gateway Pundit:

The same SEIU offshoot group that is accused of turning in thousands of bogus voter registrations in Arizona has come under fire in Colorado.
Mi Familia Vota is accused of turning in 6,000 bogus voter registrations in Colorado.
The Denver Post reported:

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled under Colorado’s 20-day rule.

In a decision issued Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that was requested by several labor and voting-rights groups.

When a new voter registers in Colorado, the secretary of state mails a nonforwardable notice of disposition that the voter’s registration has been received. If the notice comes back undeliverable in the mail, then clerks deem the voter’s registration inactive within 20 days.

Melody Mirbaba, an assistant attorney general, argued that the 20-day rule is designed to stop voter fraud and duplicate registrations.

James Finberg, an attorney representing voting and labor groups, said voters are harmed because sometimes the voter cards are returned through no fault of their own.

He said some voters have filled out their address incorrectly on forms; clerks sometimes make errors when inputting the new data; and postal workers also make mistakes in delivering the voter cards.

But Mirbaba argued that inactive voters can still show up at the polls and vote on a provisional ballot until their addresses can be verified…

…The motion for the preliminary injunction is one of several federal challenges regarding purged voters filed against the secretary of state by Common Cause of Colorado, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund and the Service Employees International Union.

Gateway Pundit quite rightly at the beginning of that article had a video clip or President Obama saying that “The SEIU is my agenda”  Speaking of Arizona, this is in relation to the 7th congressional district where Raul “Boycott the state I represent”  Grijalva apparently is looking more likely to lose to Ruth McClung and is pulling out all the stops desperately trying to ensure that doesn’t happen. Evidently 65% of 3,000 Latino early voting ballots have been ruled to be invalid because of wrong addresses. This is probably happening in other areas around the country.  It is going to take citizens as True the Vote did to make sure Democrats and their union minions get away with abusing our voting freedoms.

In the words of Hugh Hewitt, “If it’s not close, they cannot cheat.”  Even with polls showing the GOP with huge leads across the country, your vote really does matter on November 2nd.  Don’t get in the mindset of “The GOP is going to win anyway.  I’ll just do other things.”  This also shows why the state governor and legislative races are so important as well.  So Voter ID and poll watching laws can be put in place to ensure the integrity of our voting process and preserve the democracy of our nation.  How can we combat this?  By being involved as the King Street Patriots and other citizens are getting involved.  By shining the light of scrutiny on the SEIU, Organizing for America, ACORN offshoots, and other organizations.  They hate it when they are being watched.

Vote on November 2nd.

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