Dick Morris creates SuperPAC to shoot for a 100 seat gain for the GOP in the House.

Via Ace:

The Cook Political Report (which is the best there is, but tends to run a little behind) lists 23 Democratic House seats as now likely or leaning Republican. We will win all of those.

And it lists 47 seats now held by Democrats as tossup. I am working in about half of these districts and I believe we will win virtually all of these seats.

That makes 70. Then, he lists 46 Democratic seats as leaning or likely Democrat but not solidly so. That’s where we need to concentrate our fire.

My organization, SuperPacUSA.com is targeting 24 seats from this list in television ad buys now going on the air set to run until Election Day. Each voter will see our ad about 7-10 times, so I think they will help us to win almost all of these races.

It is really sad to think I trust Dick Morris more than the NRCC nowadays.  However, he really believes that 100 seats can be won by the GOP.  Why not shoot for the moon?

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