March 17, 2011: The date Democratic Wisconsin state senators cease being residents of Wisconsin

February 17th was the day that Democratic state senators left the state.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine whom is very well acquainted with law and rule in Wisconsin this afternoon.   I asked him how this will play out.  He states that this is really only the beginning.  Collective bargaining will be eliminated from public sector unions so the state can become solvent in the near and long-term future.  If you thought the screaming, antics, and shrillness of unions and the left up there were loud, wait until Walker rolls out his budget plan to shore up the $3.6 billion dollar deficit for the 2011-2013 fiscal years.  The cuts to union-friendly and other government programs are going to be massive.

He very interestingly pointed out that Democratic state senators will lose their residency in 30 days from the time they left the state as they have been citizens of Illinois since their walkout.  Now I’m no lawyer but I’m sure there are some lawyers, paralegals, and ordinary citizens whom love to research the law here at Redstate who could help to confirm this.  Also, although Wisconsin state troopers cannot arrest a senator, they can escort them to the capital to perform their duty and be present during a legislative session.  There is no way around this for the AWOL senators as there are no doubt police officers performing surveillance on senators’ homes and will escort any senator to the capital the moment he/she arrives back. If they allow their residency to lapse, Governor Walker can declare the seats vacant and appoint temporary replacements.  Filibuster by absence and being shadow senators only is a temporary delaying tactic to throw a tantrum and vainly hope that the majority of public opinion sides with them.  That apparently is not the case.

Public opinion is split 50/50 on this legislation so the Democrats and their union donors really have no leverage here.  The battle is all over unless any GOP state Senator turns or Scott Walker becomes Mitch Daniels.

Any input on this is surely welcome!

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