Approval ratings sacrifice: Wisconsin budget bill vs. Obamacare

Seems like there are a few conservative blogs hand-wringing over Scott Walker’s dip in approval ratings, now at 43% according to Rasmussen and some Wisconsin GOP senators are going wobbly according to left-wing blogger Greg Sargent.  I have a hard time believing Mr. Sargent as the point of no return was passed long ago.  To reward fleebagging Democrats who hold democracy hostage in Wisconsin would send a terrible, terrible message.  Chris Christie had gone through this in New Jersey with approval ratings dipping as he took on the unions and Democrats in New Jersey.  He had to start cutting and getting the budget back in line.  Result?  Approval ratings are up over 50% now.

Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP see the this as nothing but a cycle in the battle.  Once the budget repair bill goes through, and it will, there will be much screaming from unions on the left.  However, Walker and the GOP’s ratings in Wisconsin will go up as the budget gets balanced and the finances of the state dramatically improve.  The best thing we can do is call up those GOP senators and voice our support for them.  In order for the fleebagger Democrats to not let this go through, they would have to stay out on the lam for months and according to one Democratic senator out there, this is just not practical.  The deeper issue isn’t only unions maintaining their political clout, but just how essential Wisconsin is to Barack Obama’s relection hopes.  The only way the Democrats win here is if the GOP caves once again on their convictions and principles.  The GOP was elected to clean up this mess in Wisconsin and around the country.  There’s no place for weak-kneed politicians who are more concerned with their jobs, getting re-elected, and making sure they make the popular decisions.

The obvious differences between conservative leaders and liberal leaders is one party’s management means either economic prosperity or economic ruin.

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