Next up in Wisconsin: Passing Voter ID bill to defang voter fraud (such as phony voters for recall petitions and elections)

After scoring a big win last night in Wisconsin which will be finalized with passage today, it’s time to put the voter ID bill up for debate and a vote.  Former governor Jim Doyle vetoed this three times while he was in office but now there is nothing to stop cleaning up fraud that has been happening in Madison and Milwaukee for years.

The Democrats, unions and the progressives in Wisconsin know their time is very, very short and are going to pull out all the dirty tricks.  They have to try to get GOP Senators and Stonewall Walker recalled by whatever means (wink-wink) before the inevitable economic improvement and resulting poll numbers that will put them in a minority for at least a generation.  Something that shouldn’t be taken lightly is just how important Wisconsin is to Barack Obama’s chances of getting re-elected.  Passing the voter ID law will force Barack Obama to campaign heavily in the state on what is traditionally a very reliable blue state for the general election.

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