Ominous signs out of Wisconsin for Obama’s re-election chances and the growing and terrifying (for Democrats) push for Paul Ryan to run for president

Awhile back in March 2010, Paul Ryan was and still is my top choice for making a run at the presidency in 2012.  It has become much more so with last night’s election regarding Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.  The unions and the entire, dirty outside organizing groups like Organizing for America and Moveon.org threw everything they had in turning Wisconsin back to the unions’ will.  Money, intimidation tactics like boycotts and physical violence at demonstrations and they could only manage a result that still is not known that will be decided by recount.  Even if Prosser loses and given the history of the GOP in recount battles (not good), Kloppenburg will not take the seat until August so the budget repair bill is still likely to stay in effect for awhile.  It also adds to skepticism that recall efforts by unions in Wisconsin are going to be a walk in the park.  The voter ID bill in Wisconsin is next up for the GOP to pass and this will not only the recall efforts difficult but future elections in Wisconsin very difficult for Democrats.

When Ryan was asked if he would run for president, he was quite clear where he stood:

“I’ll give you as Shermanesque a quote as I can,” said Ryan.  “I am not going to run for president. I’m just not going to do it. My head’s not that big, and my kids are too small.”

Now aside from Mr. Ryan having a tireless work ethic, a mind that is sharp as a tack, a rock solid conservative, telegenic, well-spoken, charismatic, is very well liked by the GOP establishment and quite a few Democratic congressmen, this quote of his revealed something else.  The guy is humble “My head’s not that big (regarding the presidency)” and is very well grounded in his family.

He’s the only one who actually hung his balls out there by putting forth a plan to be open for attack from the other side while the majority of GOP congressmen gave lip service about having to cut spending.  There was a lot of cowering and wringing their hands because they are too concerned retaining their seats and keeping the majority.  Mr. Ryan actually did what no GOP congressman would do and that is ACT and put something out there rather than talk and kick the problem down the road.  That ladies and gentlemen combined with his strong character has the makings of a great leader and president.  His latest brilliancy, The Path to Prosperity budget has planted a stake in the ground and thrown up so many balls for the Democrat side to handle that whichever one they pick opens up a political can of worms they do not want to deal with.  The response given by Obama, Reid, and the rest of the gang is nothing but whining. Why?

Reid hasn’t put up anything simply because he doesn’t want Democratic senators up for election in 2012 going on the record with votes on something as important as the budget or any other bill that comes out of the GOP House.  If those Democratic Senators up for election in 2012 from red and purple states have to vote, they are likely to go along with the GOP bill and force Obama to veto the bill.  This obviously would give the GOP great ammunition for the 2012 presidential election.  The country wants something done to get this nation’s finances under control and that means cutting spending.  Reid and company want to raise taxes but the economy just flat out stinks so that is impossible.  If they vote to cut programs, they will incur the wrath of the unions and progressive left.  I’ve been reading some in the MSM who are giggling how Obama has the GOP in the box.  Uh, no.  This is not the case by a long shot.  It is completely the other way around.  Ryan’s plan has put the Democrats in a box and offers a path to get this country DEBT FREE by 2050.  That will definitely get the public’s attention and if the GOP is smart I would start asking the Democrats on TV and anywhere else in the media “Where is your plan to get this country debt free?”. What a powerful, positive political weapon to sell to the people.  The Democrats’ best hope is for a shutdown with the hope that either Boehner or any other GOP congressmen does something stupid to let the media frame the GOP as self-centered like they did with Newt Gingrich in 1995.  Democrats want this Path to Prosperity plan put to rest ASAP.

From an election standpoint, Paul Ryan would be strongly favored to take Wisconsin if he ran for President.  He’s highly regarded there and is viewed quite favorably among independents nationally.  These facts alone makes the path to re-election almost impossible for Obama.  You can be rest assured that the Obama White House is praying that Paul Ryan not get into the presidential picture for 2012.  If a liberal journalist like Jacob Weisberg is positively inclined to Ryan’s Path to Prosperity and is classifying a new breed of conservatives as “Ryan Republicans”, we conservatives and the blogosphere, the GOP, would have to think “This is our guy” and start making persuasive overtures to Mr. Ryan to throw his hat in the ring.

And it looks like that has started to happen.  This man is the face of our party’s future and the time is now.

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