Political war and tactics. The current divide-and-conquer strategy being employed by the Democrats and the MSM. The Tea Party and GOP must be united, now more than ever..

The only way we are going to get the cuts we want is to win the presidency and large majorities in the Senate in 2012.

We were all upset yesterday by looking at the real numbers of this awful deal yesterday.  $352 million in savings is but a drop in a huge bucket of deficit water.  I couldn’t help but notice whom the writers that have been poring over the details of this deal and so freely getting us all into a tizzy…are from the AP and other MSM outlets that we have come to loathe.  I had to ask myself this question:

“Why is the MSM volunteering this information so freely and actually giving the appearance of objective journalists?”

Now our reaction has been one of righteous indignation and rightfully so.   We need to cut a whole lot more than what is being cut.  The problem is that we have a Marxist president and a majority of Marxist Senators that we can’t get the spending cuts that are needed to avert financial catastrophe that is fast approaching.  The spending of all these government entitlements, programs, departments, etc. can no longer be afforded.

Fact #1 — Foreign countries are no longer buying our bonds to finance this colassal government spending.  The money has to come from somewhere to fund this spending.  Thus, the Fed has been printing money and engaging in this financial cannibalism that has destroyed nations previously in history.  So long as we keep running deficits, the Fed will be forced to continue to:

  1. Print money which has caused expected inflation in the commodity markets or:
  2. Raise interest rates to keep inflation in check which will cause people and businesses to not be able to borrow because of high interest costs.  Ben Bernacke has been lying through his teeth, trying to downplay the predictable result that happens when countries engage in this financial suicide.  The result is always the same.

The result is the value of the dollar keeps going down.  If we continue on this path, the dollar will either be devalued and other nations we trade with stop dealing in dollars altogether (They are already making rumblings about this and American tourists are saying this has already started to happen).  This will cause the cost of all goods to skyrocket because our currency will no longer be able to be accepted or we will have to deal in other currency.  The end result of this is all hell breaks loose and I don’t want to even get into what this will look like.  It will be worse than any nightmare you can imagine.  Our country will be impoverished, strikes will happen because people will want higher wages to pay (Boy, would unions love this) for their daily needs which have suddenly become very expensive.  The end result is America as we know it will be no more.

Obama’s speech yesterday was sorely partisan and he sounded like a militant union leader.  Blame the rich, tax the rich more so less jobs are created.  The Wall Street Journal rightly pointed out that if the rich were taxed at 100% of their earnings, it still wouldn’t be even close enough to eliminate the deficit.  He’s doing nothing but using the classic tool of discontent to redirect the people’s anger toward our successful American brothers instead of where it should be:  His terrible and ruinous policies that are destroying our economy, his impotent and limp-wristed foreign policy, and his utter lack of taking responsibility for where our country currently is at by blaming others for his failed stewardship. We’ll cut the deficit $4 trillion over a 12 year period based on a bunch of rosy figures conjured up by his trustworthy White House administration?  Sure!  And even if their figures came about which is highly unlikely, that still leaves us a deficit of at least $8 trillion that will be added to the national debt in that time period.  We cannot print our way out of this mess.  Look up what happened in Germany, the Weimar Republic in the 30s or look what happened in Britain in the 70s that yielded the “Winter of Discontent”.  One note about Britain’s event which seems eerily similar in some ways to what we are experiencing now, yielded Margaret Thatcher being elected as prime minister.  We’re are on a fast track to these same but unnecessary fates.  The only way is:

  1. Cut spending which results from cutting down the government’s size across the board so that we can balance the budget at the least and start paying down our debt annually.
  2. Eliminate business restraining regulation, eliminate or vastly diminish departments that get in the way of using our country’s resources (I’m looking at you EPA and Department of Energy)
  3. Eliminate all subsidies and certain tax deductions.  Lobbyists will scream about this one but we must get favoritism out of Washington.  This would eliminate either party being able to claim that the opposing party is favoring certain groups.

The Political Game now being waged

The Democratic congressmen and President Obama would love nothing more than to be able to cause an economic collapse that came as a result of GOP action.  In this time of extraordinary peril to our nation, they do not offer any solutions but wait for the GOP to roll out solutions to attack them.  It is no wonder that Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate controlled majority have not offered any solutions of their own.  As I have stated before and everyone knows, they have 23 seats up for election in 2012 compared to 10 for the GOP.  It doesn’t get much better in 2014 as they have 20 seats up for election compared to 13 for the GOP.  Because of this, they don’t want to offer up solutions and work with the GOP to get out of this mess.  Retaining their jobs is more important to them than our country’s survival and preserving our freedoms and way of living.

What is the end result?  Well, we have one party in Congress that sees the desperate financial situation our country is in and is focused on solving a titantic and evergrowing problem that threatens our nation’s existence.  On the other side, we have one party that buries its head in the sand and only comes out of the sand to attack any solution that preserves our country, hopes that public opinion will turns around in their favor, or an economic collapse comes about so they can frame it being the GOPs fault and ensures America becomes the unthinkable:  A Communist nation.

As Democratic leadership engages in these tactics, the GOP is forced to put off economic catastrophe by making deals and taking votes like today’s budget deal and being forced to raise the debt ceiling that prolong this country’s life a little longer, hoping that the 2012 elections will yield us congressional majorities and the Presidency to be able to turn around this ship that is sinking fast.  John Boehner, though I had problems with how he handled this budget deal and what he communicated to the public, is in a very difficult situation and he deserves our prayers.  He’s only human.  I may have been hard on him saying he deserved to lose his Speakership with this budget deal.  By that post you could tell I had a knee jerk reaction when I saw the breakdown of the numbers of the deal.  I was livid.  However, after calming down and looking at the big picture, he has a very, very difficult hand to play with.  Voting out freshmen congressmen because of this budget deal would only serve to yield victory to the Democrats and the MSM.  The thought of them yucking it up and gloating over the success of their divide-and-conquer strategy that worked while the country goes down is a thought that makes me sick to my stomach.

It is up to us to save this country by voting in courageous public servants who will enact policies that will reduce and ultimately eliminate these annual deficits and ultimately, the national debt.  As generations in whom confronted wars, calamities, and other perils that threatened our country’s existence, this is the task, and God willing it is the only task, that will define our time on this earth and in this country.  We will do it with talking with our friends, talking to other people, being engaged, and ultimately with our votes in 2012.

It is up to us.

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